Our mission:
Romania - building a modern country
where you want to live your future!

Save Romania Union (USR) is the third largest parliamentary party in Romania, representing the only real pro-European party in the country and the main alternative to Romania's corrupt establishment.

Founded in 2016, the newly formed party united activists and technocrats that decided to get involved in politics in order to change the system from inside, by fighting corruption and promoting transparency.

USR is committed to strengthening the rule of law in Romania and respecting the civil rights and liberties guaranteed by the international treaties ratified by our country.

We at USR are deeply devoted to maintaining Romania on the European and Euro-Atlantic path - the only option towards stability, security and well-being for our citizens. We believe Romania can and should have a bigger contribution and a more active role in the decision-making process in the EU and NATO.


Together, we want to create a transparent and responsible state that works for its citizens and in which the rule of law is respected. We fight for providing the best education and infrastructure, so all citizens have the opportunity to live an active life in prosperity. Together we build a Romania in which its people want to live with their families.

Dan Barna
Dan Barna
USR President

The purpose of USR is to represent the Romanian people in an honest, active and transparent way in Parliament and to be a democratic political alternative in Romania.


USR has a nationwide presence with local branches in Bucharest and all 41 counties in Romania. We currently have more than 200 branches, the biggest one is Diaspora with more than 500 members.

We won the second place in the last local elections in our capital city Bucharest and hold 25% of the Municipal Council seats. In Parliament, USR is the third largest party after the 2016 elections, holding 40 elected seats, with 27 representatives in the Chamber of Deputies and 13 in the Senate, with a weight of more than 9%.

Our representatives hold key positions in several committees in the Parliament structures including the Presidencies of Technology and Communication Committee as well as the Equality of Chances Committee.

Our executive body, the National Bureau, is coordinated by the Party President, Mr. Dan Barna.